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Born in São José do Rio Preto, Brazil, on May 10th, 1980. 28 years old. Married to Janice. I write and speak fluent Portuguese and English. I also have intermediate German.

My current focus is developing reliable support-system for Telemetric systems and remote devices operation using free-software, as well as, applying efforts to bring high-level programming technics to micro-controlled and embedded systems.

More recently I have dedicated myself to a very big and distributed OSS project; I'm continuously facing day-to-day issues of recent technologies and software management technics, which are considered some of the most advanced ones in the world.

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Online: http://www.gitsware.com/~cprov/ <cprov at gwyddion.com>
Phones: +55 16 3371 9235 at work +55 16 9206 7237 at home
Home: Al. dos Curios, 264
Residencial Parque Faber II, Sao Carlos, SP
Brazil 13561-406